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Brandon Keim



Swept in by a hurricane, climate change set to return to Washington

Working to restore power on Long Island, N.Y.Climate Desk After two years as the new third rail of American politics, climate change is poised for a return to Capitol Hill. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and this summer’s drought, the political atmosphere seems to have changed. Washington observers say the cost of extreme weather

Nov 13, 2012

Climate Desk: U.S. drought could cause global unrest

Aerial view of drought-affected farmland near Strasburg, Colo., on July 21, 2012USDA/Lance Cheung/Flickr Twice in the last five years, rising food prices triggered global waves of social unrest. With drought baking U.S. crops, another round of soaring, society-straining price spikes may happen in coming months. According to researchers from the New England Complex Systems Institute,

Jul 24, 2012