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Brian Pollack



Brian Pollack is a video director/producer whose work has appeared on CBS 5 Investigates in San Francisco, National Geographic, Triage Entertainment, and in independent film. In 2008, he filmed the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines putting into practice their Arabic language and culture skills for a documentary entitled “Armed Ambassadors”. Reporting on environmental law in Anhui, China he met with residents along the Guo river where toxins have led to widespread fish death. He has won awards for his documentary work, radio reporting in Alaska, and public service announcements. In 2008, he completed a master's degree at UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism.



Searching for Kosovo’s Missing

Ten years after the Kosovo War, Michael Montgomery returns to the Balkans for the BBC to investigate "the other side of the war"—Serbs allegedly kidnapped and killed by ethnic Albanians. In a series of video journals for CIR, Montgomery takes viewers behind the story. Part 1: The Mystery House | Sources pinpoint a house in

Apr 10, 2009