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Erin Marie Daly

Erin Marie Daly


Erin Marie Daly is a San Francisco-based freelance journalist with a passion for reporting cultural and human interest stories. Her current project is a book on the prescription drug addiction epidemic. She also runs the Oxy Watchdog blog at, which tracks news and information on painkiller and heroin addiction. More of her work can be viewed at In 2009, she lost her brother to a heroin overdose following his addiction to prescription painkillers.


Health Care

With rise in young painkiller abusers, officials see more heroin overdoses

With the steady rise of prescription drug abuse across the state, young pill addicts are succumbing in increasing numbers to another vice: heroin. For young people who otherwise might have been turned off by the needles and track marks associated with intravenous drug use, switching from abusing pills perceived as “clean” and “safe” to snorting

Aug 15, 2012