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We bring you the facts about COVID-19.

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Jennifer Gollan is an Emmy Award-winning reporter for Reveal, where she covers labor issues and corporate malfeasance. She has written about everything from energy companies that dodge accountability for workers’ deaths to lax safety practices that contributed to deadly tire blowouts. Her exposé on Navy shipbuilders that received billions in public money – even after their workers were killed or injured – prompted President Donald Trump to sign a new federal law requiring the Government Accountability Office to examine how the Pentagon monitors workplace safety violations among defense contractors.

Gollan’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Guardian US, Politico Magazine and PBS NewsHour. She won a national Emmy Award for a PBS NewsHour piece and was the winner of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers’ Best in Business Award, a National Headliner Award and a two-time Gerald Loeb Award finalist. Gollan’s work has prompted new state laws to crack down on diploma mills and federal regulators to step up enforcement against dangerous companies. She received a master’s degree in journalism from University of Southern California and began her reporting career at the Los Angeles Times. She is based in Reveal's Emeryville, California, office.



31,000 and counting

A lobbying campaign driven by scarcity pushed the CDC to relax protective gear guidelines. Now tens of thousands of health workers are infected.

May 12, 2020


At a time when America is relying on health care workers more than ever, we look at why there’s not enough protective gear to keep them safe.

May 9, 2020

Quarantine nation

Quarantines are supposed to contain the new coronavirus, but are the right people going into isolation, and are federal guidelines strong enough?

Mar 28, 2020

Is 14 days enough?

New studies show that the debate over how long the new coronavirus incubates – and how long it sheds after recovery – is far from settled.

Mar 23, 2020

When Lighting the Voids

This investigative audio drama from StoryWorks unravels the mystery of a deadly explosion at a Gulf Coast shipyard.

Dec 21, 2019