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Joe Rubin

Joe Rubin


Joe Rubin is an investigative journalist and innovative storyteller. "iWitness," the interview series he helped create for PBS' FRONTLINE/World, won the 2009 Webby Award for the best online news and video series. As a videojournalist, Rubin helped usher in an era of backpack, NPR-style television reporting from five continents for programs such as ABC's "Nightline" and FRONTLINE/World. Rubin's documentaries have ranged from a look at present-day Cuba through the prism of vintage car mechanics to an investigation into the maddening hunt for notorious Serbian war criminals Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic. Several of Rubin's projects have tackled environmental issues, including a documentary he produced for Al Jazeera English about a showdown in California over its global warming reduction law.  


At Calif. Senate hearing, story of U.S. nuclear safety emerges

I was at the State Capitol to report on a Senate hearing on earthquake preparedness at California’s two nuclear power plants. The assignment was a simple 60-second story, but as the hearing unfolded, I got the feeling that there was a much bigger story to be had.

Mar 9, 2012
Money and Politics

Danger Zone: Aging nuclear reactors

Despite the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan last March, nuclear power is experiencing a rebirth in the United States. Billions of dollars in federal funding has been allocated to develop nuclear capacity; applications are under consideration to build more than a dozen new reactors; and last month, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission announced approval for the construction of

Mar 6, 2012