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Peter Overby


Money and Politics

ACORN Has Long Been In Republicans’ Cross Hairs

The community organization ACORN is under fire for alleged voter registration fraud, and has been a longtime target for conservatives. Republicans are tying Barack Obama to ACORN, but John McCain also spoke to an ACORN rally in 2006. NPR and CIR look at the organization’s background and the controversy. >> Listen to the story on

Oct 15, 2008
Money and Politics

Palin Casts Herself As Reformist, Outsider

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and running mate John McCain have trumpeted her opposition to earmarks like the infamous “bridge to nowhere,” but Palin’s record is more complicated. As mayor, she hired a lobbyist to get federal money and, when running for governor, said she supported earmarks like the infamous bridge. >> Listen to the story

Sep 4, 2008
Money and Politics

New Ads Rip Obama, But Democrats Fight Back

It could be the Swift Boat ad of 2008. A conservative group pops out of nowhere with a hard-hitting TV ad against Obama. A billionaire foots the bill. Obama’s campaign reacts fast. CIR and NPR look into the wrangling over the ad. >> Listen to the full story on >> Read the corporate history

Aug 27, 2008
Money and Politics

Union Operative Advocates and Gains Power

The Service Employees International Union, besides representing 2 million workers, is one of the most active and powerful political organizations in the nation. Beyond its own direct efforts, which are vast, the union also helps create, lead, and fund dozens of other organizations and coalitions that are influential in public policy debates and elections. NPR

Aug 6, 2008
Money and Politics

Independent Groups Step Up On-Air Ads

Election season is heating up, as independent groups from across the political spectrum launch new ad campaigns targeting candidates for president and Congress. CIR and NPR look at dueling ads featuring veterans and two competing campaigns reaching out to Christians. >> Listen to the story on NPR.

Jul 18, 2008
Money and Politics

Liberal, Conservative Groups Vie for Vets’ Interests

Two politically opposed veterans' advocacy groups—Vets for Freedom and Vote Vets—are battling for voters. NPR and CIR look beyond the political rhetoric to examine the organizations' financing, and how they might affect this election. >> Listen to the story on National Public Radio.

Jul 5, 2008
Money and Politics

Nonprofits Look for New Ways to Shape Campaign

The 2008 presidential campaign began with predictions that outside groups would play influential roles. Now nonprofits are quietly mobilizing, especially on the Left. One network of liberal activist groups, started by Progress Now, is trying to shape the debate with a streamlined operation of small staff, low budgets and the Internet—and is backed by powerful

Jun 25, 2008
Money and Politics

A Day in the Life of Independent Political Ads

Now that the presidential primaries are finished, independent political groups are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads to influence the upcoming presidential and congressional elections. NPR takes a look at one day of independent advertising, with reporting by CIR. >> Listen to the story on NPR.

Jun 11, 2008
Money and Politics

Troubles Loom for ‘527’ Ad Efforts

Independent political groups are already trying to influence the presidential campaign with TV ads and automated phone calls. Candidates John McCain and Barack Obama say they don’t want any more Swift Boat-like attacks. CIR and NPR investigate. >> Visit the NPR website to hear the complete story.

May 28, 2008