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Zusha Elinson

Zusha Elinson



Zusha Elinson covered bikes, buses, Bay Area Rapid Transit and other transportation issues for The Bay Citizen. He previously was a legal reporter at The Recorder, a legal/business newspaper based in San Francisco, and an editor at Marinscope Community Newspapers. Zusha started his career at The Oakland Post.


Health Care

Car is king in street design, to detriment of pedestrians

Jose Flores Miguel, in a family photograph, crossed Clayton Road nearly every day to catch the bus or pick up groceries – as he was doing the evening he was killed in 2010.Courtesy of Flores’ family After Jose Flores Miguel, 65, was killed in 2010 crossing a busy Concord boulevard, city officials took action: They

Apr 30, 2013
Law Enforcement

Video: Pedestrian deaths

The Bay Area can be a deadly place for pedestrians, yet an analysis by the Center for Investigative Reporting reveals fewer than half of the drivers who hit pedestrians are ever charged with a crime, even if they are at fault. Those who do serve little time in jail. Here’s why. Reporter: Zusha Elinson Producer,

Apr 30, 2013
Inside the Newsroom

How we analyzed pedestrian fatalities

The Center for Investigative Reporting wanted to find out what consequences drivers face when they kill a pedestrian in the five largest Bay Area counties. It’s a difficult question to answer because the relevant data is scattered among numerous and disparate agencies: police departments, district attorneys’ and coroners’ offices, and the Department of Motor Vehicles

Apr 30, 2013
Law Enforcement

Google’s self-driving vehicles zoom toward legal status

A Google self-driving carMark Doliner/Flickr When veteran legislative staffer Howard Posner began working on a bill that would allow driverless, computer-controlled cars to roam California’s highways, he figured lawmakers would find the idea alarming. They didn’t. “Eventually, you might be on the freeway, and someone might not be behind the wheel,” said Posner, a consultant

Sep 24, 2012