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TechRaking 7: Designing the News

Jan 1

TechRaking: Designing the News is a two-day design sprint – hosted by The Center for Investigative Reporting and California College of the Art’s Center for Art and Public Life and MBA in design strategy – that invites interdisciplinary teams of CCA students to rapidly explore and collaborate on the needs of media organizations of different disciplines.

Each organization will identify specific challenges it faces in increasing human interaction, consumption and access to news. Media partners will include print, broadcast, digital and radio mediums.

The design sprint model will be supported by a variety of partners who will help students contextualize the needs of media partners and facilitate creative problem-solving. These individuals will support student teams as they research, brainstorm and propose tailored solutions.

Each team will include graduate and undergraduate students from any of the four CCA divisions – design, fine arts, humanities and sciences, and architecture – plus two students from the MBA in design strategy.

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