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Lead Editor of Investigations

We’re looking for an accomplished, ambitious editor to lead one of the world’s largest and best teams dedicated to investigative reporting.

Our ideal applicants will bring a wealth of experience in managing successful investigative projects. For this position, which will report to the editor-in-chief, we’re seeking candidates who have proven the ability to cultivate projects of national and international scope, whether in text, audio, or video. We’re looking for well-honed instincts for navigating troves of data, assessing story leads and tips, and coaching journalists through dead ends and alleyways in the reporting process. Successful applicants will be able to demonstrate a record of collaboration and mentorship in newsrooms.

You should be prepared to guide reporters through the thorniest parts of difficult investigations, helping them craft FOIAs, coax sources to talk, navigate ethical issues and prepare for security concerns. You should savor great storytelling, no matter the form it takes, and value collaborating with journalists across all platforms to bring investigative projects to life in the richest possible fashion. You should be skilled at editing stories, elevating bold reporting with deft and lucid writing, and developing the skills of editors you supervise. And you should be prepared to manage world-class teams of reporters and editors, including some of the best data journalists in the business.

If you’re selected, you’ll help develop unique, hard-hitting investigations on some of the biggest issues the country and the world are facing today. You’ll be holding powerful people and institutions accountable, producing stories with lasting impact. You’ll be the top investigative editor in a newsroom that produces award-winning television and documentary projects. You’ll be a key partner to Reveal, the radio show and podcast, one of the nation’s largest dedicated platforms for investigative journalism, now airing on nearly 500 public radio stations and reaching millions of listeners. In other words, you will have all the ingredients at your disposal to develop world-changing investigative projects – and the mission to do so.


  • Have a proven track record of pulling off unique, impactful investigations on topics that people care about.
  • Consistently elevate stories, to take on the highest targets and to frame investigations for maximum impact.
  • Be a great listener.
  • Love collaboration and be prepared to do a lot of it both inside Reveal and with our editorial partners, across platforms and across the country and, at times, the world.
  • View editing as an opportunity to teach and develop reporters, not simply to parcel out assignments or rewrite stories to your taste.
  • Be deeply invested in each team member’s professional growth.
  • Display high cultural competency in your editorial work and people management.
  • Know when to challenge a story and when to cheerlead it.
  • Have a successful approach to story management, putting as much time into a story on the front end as the back end. Ensure that each investigation is framed and scoped carefully at the beginning and managed effectively throughout the reporting process.
  • Be willing to work across platforms and be open to wild experimentation, such as having stories turned into plays or art installations.

This describes everything we are looking for. Our newsroom is successful because of the sum of its parts – we recognize that no one person will be equally strong in every area and that some candidates will bring other strengths or experiences that we haven’t described here. If you are passionate about our work and have a vision to share with us, please apply. We will carefully consider every serious applicant.

This position is full time, based in Emeryville, CA, and offers competitive wages and benefits. Please use this link to apply.