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lead poisoning

Worked Over

Toxic tech in America

In 1975, when she was 18, Yvette Flores got a job assembling parts for some of the first supermarket checkout scanners. It took 30 years before she connected her daily chemical exposure at the Silicon Valley manufacturing plant to her son’s severe disabilities.

Jul 4, 2015
Criminal Justice

Dirty shooting ranges poison police

While firearms training is meant to keep both the police and the public safe, it actually poses a hazard to the officers themselves. For over a year, The Seattle Times has been investigating how people shooting at dirty gun ranges across the U.S. have suffered health problems from lead poisoning.

Apr 11, 2015
Criminal Justice

Law and Disorder – Part 1

In this episode of Reveal, we investigate why minorities and kids with special needs face criminal charges for acting out in school; we uncover how police are poisoned on the job, and trace how people are building assault weapons from parts they buy online; and we gain insight into an elusive character fighting the death penalty in the most high profile of ways.

Apr 11, 2015