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GOP likes earmarks too

While Democrats patted themselves on the back for their “earmark-free” spending bill earlier this year, some Republicans accused them of sneaking hidden earmarks into the bill. It turns out that some of the GOP critics were lobbying for earmarks behind the scenes.

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The new Democratic Congress passed a major spending bill earlier this year that it promoted as being stripped of all earmarks and a strike against pork-barrel spending. But even as the bill passed, a joint investigation by CIR and the Los Angeles Times reveals today, top Democrats and members of both parties deluged government agencies

Money and Politics

Lawmakers go behind the scenes to save their earmarks

After Democrats won control of Congress, they moved to fulfill their pledge to crack down on the controversial practice of lawmakers slipping projects in spending bills without public scrutiny. In February, they scrapped Republican-drafted bills loaded with earmarks and passed a bill that they boasted had none. Among those celebrating the achievement was Senate Majority

Inside the Newsroom

Be the next Carl Prine

The PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE-REVIEW wrote up a guide for other journalists planning projects similar to Carl Prine’s investigation into the security of chemical plants and railroads. A condensed list of their advice:

Jul 2, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

Producer’s Commentary: Joe Rubin

The second part of “Think Like a Terrorist” premieres online today. Follow Carl Prine as he investigates the security of America’s railways, and hear how he responds to critics who say he is “helping the terrorists” by exposing our vulnerabilities.

Jun 27, 2007
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