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Money and Politics

Lobbyists for foreign governments raise money, get meetings

Top fundraisers for the presidential campaigns of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican John McCain lobby on behalf of foreign governments, and in some cases, helped their clients gain access to the senators, according to a CIR and investigation. >> Read the story on >> View CIR's chart "Web of Influence" and source documents.

Money and Politics

Web of Influence: Documents

>> Read the story: "Lobbyists for Foreign Governments Raise Money, Get Clinton, McCain Meetings" >> Back to Web of Influence NOTE: A spokesman for Chorba's firm said that Chorba's activities on behalf of China do not constitute lobbying.

Money and Politics

Web of Influence

A CIR web exclusive chart showing which presidential candidates have fundraisers who also work as lobbyists for foreign governments.

Feb 1, 2008
Money and Politics

Bundled donations could hurt candidates

Earlier this year, top Clinton fundraiser Norman Hsu was found to be a fugitive avoiding prison for grand theft. A CIR investigation for Politico finds new examples of presidential candidates relying on fundraisers with questionable backgrounds. A fundraiser for Mitt Romney was recently suspended from practicing law. A backer of Barack Obama defaulted on loans.

Dec 21, 2007
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