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Inside the Newsroom

Thinking like a terrorist

Picture this: A man ducks under a broken fence at a water treatment facility in a small American town. He slips through an unlocked door and stands before a 20-ton tank of chlorine gas.

Jun 20, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

Miers to testify?

The congressional caucus gunning for AG Alberto Gonzalez and, perhaps,
seeking a thorough investigation, seems undeterred by last week’s failure to pass a vote of no confidence against the nation’s lead law enforcer. Subpoenas are now in the works for two White House insiders as Democrats in
Congress press ahead with their investigation into the firing of eight federal prosecutors. Former White House counsel and one-time Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers will soon be called to testify. She’ll be joined by former White House political director Sara Taylor.

It’s a direct volley into the West Wing as the Bush Administration has thus far refused to allow sworn testimony from senior White House officials. If Big Al’s testimony was any indication, however, this volley will be nothing but duds.

Jun 13, 2007
National Security

Taking the Long Way to America

Cuban migrants who actually set foot on American soil get to stay as refugees. Anybody caught at sea is sent home. So, many migrants no longer take a boat to Florida. Lygia Navarro reports on what they're doing now. This project was partially funded by CIR's Dick Goldensohn Fund. Visit the Marketplace website to listen

Jun 13, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

Jaspin and Williams speak at SFSU

Cox reporter and author Elliot Jaspin and documentary film producer Marco Williams converged at San Francisco State University in May to talk to students and visitors and answer questions about their respective projects. Jaspin read an excerpt from his new book Buried in the Bitter Waters and Williams screened his award-winning documentary Banished.

May 30, 2007
Inside the Newsroom

About This Investigation — America’s Racial Cleansings

Credits BANISHED Director/Producer: Marco Williams Co-Producer: Maia Harris Editors: Kathryn Barnier, Sandra Christie Camera: Stephen McCarthy Sound: J.T. Takagi Music Composed by David Murray Original Art by Karen Zasloff Associate Producers: Shukree Tilghman, Van Dora Williams Additional Camera: Elia Lyssy, Yoni Brook, John Foster, Jay A. Kelley, Allen Moore Additional Sound: Judy Karp, Philip Keeler,

Mar 26, 2007

U.S. Military tried to thwart LA Times investigation into prisoner abuse

Officials in the U.S. military, from the Pentagon on down, tried to thwart L.A. Times reporters who uncovered deaths and possible torture of detainees in Afghanistan. One of the reporters, Craig Pyes, is now a CIR Senior Correspondent. The article appeared in the Spring 2007 issue of Nieman Reports, a quarterly magazine about journalism published

Mar 2, 2007
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