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The VA is working to reduce the wait time for disability benefits, which at its peak averaged 280 days. The president vowed to end the wait in 2014.

Disabled veterans stuck in backlog limbo

Veterans waiting for decisions on their disability claims wait longer than the VA has acknowledged, especially if they come from larger urban areas. Solutions tried in four locations have not helped so far, as the backlog continues to grow.


Map: Where is the veterans’ backlog the worst?

Compare backlogs and wait times at the 58 VA regional offices on this interactive map. Data on the number of veterans waiting, the number of veterans waiting more than 125 days, and the average delays veterans face update weekly, tracking in real time whether the VA is living up to its promises to improve.  Other


Video: Veterans’ disability benefits delayed

Marine Cpl. David Smith has struggled with PTSD since returning from duty in Iraq. The UC Berkeley student waited more than a year for approval of his disability benefits claim. TRANSCRIPT: [On-screen text: Marine Cpl. David Smith, now a political science student at UC Berkeley, has suffered from PTSD and depression since returning from Iraq.

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