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The GI Bill was intended to give veterans a leg up, but billions of dollars have been hijacked by for-profit colleges.

GI Bill funds flow to for-profit colleges that fail state aid standards

Nationally, the University of Phoenix received nearly billion from the new GI Bill over the last five years.Adithya Sambamurthy/CIR Over the last five years, more than $600 million in college assistance for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans has been spent on California schools so substandard that they have failed to qualify for state financial aid. As


Despite need, no plans to add veterans health centers at more colleges

Daniel Acree visits the Veterans Resource Center at City College of San Francisco. The idea for creating the center, which includes a clinic and social lounge, started with the campus, not the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.Monica Lam/KQED As a community college classmate brushed off the significance of civilian war casualties, Daniel Acree, a machine


The Kids’ Menu

Once children walk out the door in the morning, what they eat is out of their parents’ control. Day care workers, school cooks, fast food vendors and friends can all throw roadblocks into a healthy diet.  Controlling what a child eats when he or she leaves the house is one of the hottest topics in

Apr 2, 2013

State’s community colleges spend millions on duplicative administrators

Richard Raasueld studies at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree. The district broke from the Desert Community College District in 1999. The region’s two districts, with one college each, are among the state’s smallest.Carlos Puma/California Watch   The state’s 72 community college districts spend tens of millions of dollars on administrative positions that could be

Mar 18, 2013
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