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Immigration Champions Brace for Republican House Plans

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa   Photo by Ryan J. Reilly/Flickr As Republicans assumed control of the House last week, immigration advocates and Democrats are bracing for what could be a painful two years, with looming battles in the courts, statehouses and on the Hill. President Obama has said he’s committed to an immigration law overhaul


Immigration Digest, Dec. 13-19: DREAM denied

After months of campaigning by immigrant advocacy groups and students, including a massive push leading up to Saturday’s U.S. Senate vote, a bill that would have offered a pathway toward legal status for hundreds of thousands of young illegal immigrants failed to leap a procedural hurdle, effectively killing the legislation.


Immigration Digest, Nov. 15-21:

As Democrats prepare to take a bite at immigration-related legislation during the lame-duck session, the argument nationally over immigration centers, at the moment, on college classrooms.

Nov 25, 2010
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