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Workers’ Rights

In the ceaseless push for profits, corporate accountability and safety often take a back seat.
Worked Over

‘Hollywood So White’ goes back decades

Hollywood is again under attack for its lack of diversity, with an all-white slate of actors nominated for the Oscars. The protest hashtag #OscarsSoWhite is burning through Twitter for the second year. But this goes much further back than 2015.

Worked Over

Decoding the language of discrimination

Temp agencies across America have been using coded words and phrases to discriminate against job applicants based on race and gender. Take a look at some of terms we uncovered during our investigation – can you guess what type of person they were referring to?

Jan 11, 2016
Worked Over

New York Times story on labor brokers has ties to CIR probe

Top outsourcing firms deluge the federal government with applications for H-1B visas, sidelining smaller American employers, according to The New York Times. This echoes findings of our investigation last year, which found that labor brokers had exploited Indian tech workers at some of America’s top companies.

Nov 11, 2015
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